Rapid Tooling

From concept to production


Prototyping manufacturing is evolving significantly and Creative Design is happy to share its decades-long experience with its customers and its most innovative technologies to be able to obtain a physical prototype just a few days after the conceptual idea. In just a short time and directly in contact with the project managers and designers, rapid tooling allows to make changes and continuous improvements to the prototype until the final approval. All of this with low financial investment, as it is not necessary to use molds or industrial processes. The prototype is made by a single machine, which allows the creation of any shape directly from the digital model.

Creative Design is able to support and realize your requests in all areas of production, facilitating the process of design and prototyping from the creation of the single prototype to the manufacture of a limited production.

The services offered by Creative Design span across different areas of prototyping including:

  • Rapid tooling
  • Mockup and sacrificial sample (rapid casting)
  • Single piece for functional tests (fluid dynamics, aerodynamic and mechanical properties)
  • Exclusive single piece ready to use (rapid manufacturing)
  • Low-volume production of few pieces (rapid manufacturing)
  • Series for thousands of pieces (rapid manufacturing)
  • Unique pieces with complex shapes

At Creative Design we are ready to offer our experience providing fast and qualitative results: in close collaboration new forms of innovative production will become a reality that will bring prestige to your company. In addition to the production of prototypes from designs supplied by its customers, Creative Design’s flagship service is the unique and expert ability to bring the client’s ideas to life, from the conceptual phase to the prototype ready for production.